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Happy Pause ~ Balm from Australia

I'm so excited to announce that Happy Pause - Vaginal itch balm is here and available from our Kavu Clothing store. I know there will be a few questions so I will try and answer them below.

Who invented it?

Well this is the lovely Sandy Davis, alchemist and inventor of Happy Pause Balm. She lives in Australia with her husband. After she started her menopause journey and suffering from an itch that just would not go away, she started to research what products were on the market for people who were allergic to preservatives. In her own words she explains,

"Vaginal atrophication and vaginal dryness are a real thing for millions of us as we navigate menopause and our post-menopausal years. And we often don’t want to speak about it.

Sometimes the discomfort can be a mild irritating feeling when your skin rubs together; other times it can feel like sand paper grating. You might only feel occasional discomfort at the start of intercourse or battle recurring UTIs. Vaginal dryness impacts each of us in different ways.

For me, my first awareness was during peri-menopause when suddenly even 100% organic cotton tampons caused discomfort that wouldn’t abate.

Numbing vaginal itch wipes mask the problem, but when the treatment wears off itching returns with a vengeance even more severe due to skin irritation heightened by harsh ingredients. And we all know that once we give in and scratch, no matter how good it feels at the start, the vicious cycle of infection begins.

I was prescribed a moisturizing pessary insert. Holy dooley~ my intimates exploded with rage. And the worst was it took days to fully dissolve.

Other treatments felt gross and sticky, which made me feel undesirable & irritable.

I knew there had to be a more natural solution out there for those of us with sensitive skin even if I couldn’t find it on the shelves of the local pharmacy.

Two years down the track, Happy Pause is the result. It is gentle and eases discomfort. The blend of the really good stuff, i.e. ethically sourced Direct Micro Expelled hand pressed coconut oil, with additional plant derived natural ingredients to seal in moisture mean your intimates are soothed with no preservatives or nasties."


So what are the ingredients?

As you can see, there's no preservatives and it is suitable for vegan use.

So what does it feel like?

It comes in a 18ml dark coloured pot with a handy spatula. The dark pot protects the ingredients from sunlight. The little jar comes in a box.

It has the consistency of coconut oil, has a slight fragrance, reminiscent of a beach holiday. A pearl sized amount can be applied to the itchy area and re-applied when necessary. A little goes a very long way.

Because it is cold in the UK, and I wanted to investigate further, I warmed my pot on the radiator. This changed it to a gel like consistency. Oh I wish I lived on Bondi Beach!

It felt - well good. Like I had a bit of my mojo back that I didn't even realise that I'd lost.

Where is it made?

"HappyPause is manufactured on Eastern Kuku Yalanji Country whose Elders past and present we honour and acknowledge with deep abiding respect."

(taken directly from the Happy Pause website:

How can you learn more?

You can always contact me (Mandy) at:

instagram: kavuclothing

facebook: kavuclothing@menopausenights

Or even better, contact Sandy direct:

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