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Menopause materials

Have you heard of Dr Rashid A Buttar? You should get to know him, he is an amazing physician and author of the best seller, ‘ 9 Steps to keep the Doctor Away’. I like him because he believes that any health issue can be remedied through diet and lifestyle change. He does not prescribe a pill to alleviate a problem illness, he goes straight to the cause and finds a natural way to make someones life better. The whole of them, not just a part. With that said, that is my philosophy behind Kavu Clothing. When I reached the menopause, I looked for ways to the real problem- the hormonal imbalances, not to just patch them up with HRT treatment. Night sweats were a real problem, so I started to look for nightwear that allowed the body to breath, aiding better sleep. There are some kinds out there, I tried them, and they worked but I didn’t like the thought that at their base was plastic. It just didn’t feel right to have more plastic in the world. So I began to research which natural materials were used throughout the world. Did you know that the Filipino peoples use Banana leaves with which to make clothes, it’s amazing. High on the performance wicking scale is bamboo. So, I combined bamboo with eucalyptus to create a super soft material that allows your body to self regulate it’s temperature. It took 9 months and 20 different mixes to accomplish. But as they say, ‘the best things in life are worth waiting for.’ I truly believe that materials like bamboo, eucalyptus, hemp are the materials of the future. They have a cellulose base, which loves water. They are much less harsh on the environment to make, so why wouldn’t we incorporate them into our wardrobe? My night sweats are greatly reduced. I’m not wearing plastic and I would like to tell the world about the benefits of Bamboo and Eucalyptus.

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