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Tackle night sweats naturally

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

I have to start by recommending my own products at Kavu clothing. (Kavu means dry in Swahilli.) I suffered from hot flushes and night sweats for 2 months before I decided to use homeopathic and natural means to tackle my menopause symptoms.

We are all different so I can only recommend what is working for me. If you need more information on these products then please feel free to email me at

Now for the good stuff ....... Kavu clothing for the night sweats.

Black cohosh from Pukka Herbs (the most wonderful company in the world) based on the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, for the day sweats.

A cream which contains natural sources of oestrogen called Wellsprings Serenity cream. You rub this on your "fatty bits" each day. It takes about a month to kick in, but it works a treat.

A meditation programme ran by the most amazing man in the world Sadhguru. He is a yogi of the traditional Indian sense, if you do not know of him, please google his name: your life will change. His organisation has produced an app. You can access this app at . It contains yoga postures, meditation programmes and a collection of his quotes. It's awesome.

Now this one you are not going to like, but it has worked for me - Go vegetarian or Vegan is even better. The benefits have far outweighed the changes in my cooking habits. Whilst I have had to spend more time in the kitchen cooking and learning new recipes, I feel much better and my night sweats have significantly reduced. For more information about the benefits of a Vegan lifestyle, go to .

If you are going to try a touch of vegetarianism in your life, consider joining the "Meat free Monday" movement. Whilst it is not for everyone, it has worked for me and the community surrounding the vegan movement are inspirational, caring, responsible and kind.

If you need any help with recipes, ideas or support please don't hesitate to contact me on I would love to hear from you.

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